Backcountry Fishing in Key West

The backcountry contains many small to fairly large mangrove islands keeping the delicate ecosystem of the important thing West shallows and flats in its hands. The term backcountry is a geographical term that means the out islands and flats that make up the inshore waters of the Florida Keys and Key West. All of these areas are lying in the Superb White Heron National Animals Refuge. These federally guarded waters are a sport fisherman’s paradise. Holding some of the most popular sport fish in the world.

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Fun Times Great Days Fishing The Backcountry Of Key West.

With over 25 species of fish to chose from year round the backcountry fishing provides the most significant diversity and catch quantities of any fishing rental in Key West.

How Do We Angling The Backcountry

Fishers can use spin fishing equipment, game fishing or even trap casters. We use live bait and artificial fishing lures and super light tackle to make it even more pleasurable and exciting. We all teach proper light handle fishing techniques and casting. We have everything you will need to have an awesome day of getting fish.

Our backcountry fishing charters are where we conduct the “species hunt” fishing tournament. Our company groups typically chose back country fishing for their group trips, just for the regularity of the fishery, everyone has fun and catches fish.