Light tackle Fishing in Keywest

Light tackle fishing in Keywest is the ideal way to experience saltwater fishing in the Florida Keys. It is especially perfect for beginners but many advanced fishermen also enjoy light tackle fishing. As its name implies, light tackle fishing involves the use of a light tackle and a small scale boat. Because the tackle is lighter and thinner, it flows easily in the water and attracts more fish. When a fish spots bait moving in the water, they will trust that it is real because the string attached to it is so thin that it can be mistaken for being mostly invisible. Further, light tackle fishing requires smaller boats that are easy to navigate. This makes for fast traveling speed and more places to explore. You will have the opportunity to fish in the spots that most larger boats are unable to venture to because of their heavy weight and lengthy travel time. In essence, light tackle fishing makes catching aquatic wildlife convenient.

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Desirable Conditions for Light Tackle Fishing

In Key West, it is generally always a good time to do light tackle fishing. However, you should always aim to go fishing when the sun is high and the chance of rain and thunderstorms is low. Rain and thunderstorms often cause fish to relocate or to shy away from boats. You may not catch a lot of fish if you do so during poor weather conditions. Further, because the equipment used for light tackle fishing is much smaller than average, wind and rain can often make it difficult to maneuver and use the materials.

Types of Key West Fish

The most common types of fish that you may catch while light tackle fishing in Key West include:

  • Snook
  • Tarpon
  • Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
  • Black Grouper
  • Yellow Tail Snapper
  • Atlantic Sailfish

Hire A Professional Charter Boat & Captain

Light tackle fishing is a fun sporting activity and has been proven to be very effective. Because it still requires you to venture off into both inshore and offshore waters, it is best that you hire a professional charter boat and captain for guidance.

At Boo Ya Charters, Captain Pat is very knowledgeable on light tackle fishing and the types of aquatic life in Key West. He can help you find desirable conditions and locations in the water, while also ensuring that you are fully equipped and prepared for any and all safety risks.
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