There are few places in the world where snorkeling is more popular, or more easily accessible, than Key West. Here you can explore the warm, clear waters at nearly any time of day, catching sights of brightly colored grunts, sand divers, butterflyfish, angelfish, blue tang, cowfish and countless others. In addition to the plethora of fish you’ll find darting in between the rocks, reef and coral, you can also spot seahorses, starfish and many other delightful sea creatures. It’s no wonder that snorkeling is one of the main draws for Key West locals and tourists alike.
However, when you come to Key West, you’ll find that in many places, you’re shuttled aboard overcrowded boats for just an hour of snorkeling — and sometimes even less! For a more intimate experience that you, your friends and your family can truly enjoy, stop by Boo Ya Charters and reserve a boat today.

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Snorkeling Charters

In Key West, you’ll find no shortage of snorkeling opportunities. But what sets Boo Ya Charters apart from all those other snorkeling boats is that we offer private snorkeling excursions.

Experienced Captain & Navigation

Captain Pat is our resident fishing charter captain who knows all there is to know about fishing, snorkeling and sailing in and around Key West. There’s no better guide to the best spots for deep sea fishing, bottom fishing and snorkeling. Captain Pat is knowledgeable in finding the best snorkeling and fishing spots, which types of fish you’ll find in different locations, and how the weather affects where the fish are biting.

At Boo Ya Charters, we want you to experience a Key West vacation you’ll never forget. That’s why we provide all the snorkeling gear you’ll need for a day on the water, whether you want to snorkel exclusively or take a dip in between fishing and sightseeing. In addition to Key West snorkeling, we also provide transport to secluded beaches for an afternoon of relaxation or a private picnic; and sightseeing day trips around Key West and the other islands in the area.

For committed anglers, we even provide charters for fishing tournaments, though few of our dedicated fishers take a break for snorkeling.

Customized Charter Experiences

When you choose Boo Ya Charters, you not only get an experienced captain, but you can choose your own adventure for the day. We never pair your party up with another party because we know many people prefer the private charter experience. So whether you want to snorkel all day or just take a few dips in the water in between fishing and sightseeing, we’ve got you covered.

For a truly private charter experience, contact Boo Ya Charters in Key West. We’re happy to provide you with inclusive rates for up to 6 anglers, and we always provide snorkeling equipment. Just let us know in advance if you plan to, or might want to, go snorkeling while on the water.

If you’re visiting Key West, don’t miss the absolutely amazing snorkeling you can find around the island and mangroves. Boo Ya Charters gives you the most opportunities for fishing, snorkeling and just plain enjoying the beautiful weather and breath-taking water of Key West.