Reef wreck fishing key west

Key West reef fishing is great for lots of action and great eating fish. There are also many patch reefs located in between Key West and the reef line for those windy days. Patch reefs can provide plenty of action and calmer water, especially during the winter when cold fronts approach. I also fish the Gulf of Mexico reefs when the wind is blowing out of the south.

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Art of Wreck Fishing

The art of wreck fishing is having a skipper with great knowledge of the wrecks in your chosen area. They need to know which way the wreck is lying, how to best drift over the wreck, which species are on which wreck and the current productivity of each wreck. This knowledge cannot be bought and is often handed down over generations!

Reef Fishing in Key West will not only provide to best table fair, but action as well. It is not uncommon to catch 20 different species of fish in a day on the reef. A lot like Blue Water Deep Sea Fishing, we start by anchoring up the boat and chumming with ground up fish and live bait. In minutes you will start to see fish in the chum slick. While one of you pulls on the surface feeders the other will drop baits to the bottom for Grouper and Snapper.

Keywest Wreck fishing Tackle

Rods really need to be around 20lb class for jigging and other lure work – Pollock, Bass etc. A good quality rod will last you years.

For bottom fishing for Conger then I would suggest 50lb class tackle. You will have a real battle on your hands keeping a 50lb conger out of the wreck as it seeks cover and protection. You will need the power of a heavier rod like this.

Key West Atlantic Reefs

Key West has a huge barrier reef located south of Key West and the Florida Keys about 6 miles. Key West also has a deeper secondary reef line or bar located less than a mile past the reef in many areas. The barrier reef off Key West is one of my favorites to fish for yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper and grouper.

If you fish the Atlantic reefs, you may also encounter red grouper, jacks, african pompano, mackerel and may even run into a mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna or sailfish.